Wooden Toy Castles

Welcome to Wooden Toy Castles .co.uk!  This is an informational site all about the wonderful world of wooden toy castles, their history and information on their suppliers and manufacturers.

We aim to bring you a whole host of relevant information on wooden toy castles, accessories such as furniture and of course figures such as damsels in distress, galant knights and big red fiery dragons which make playing with these toys so enjoyable for your children.

The history of toy castles shows that these toys have been around just as long as the real thing, with toy fortified houses and miniature figures appearing in the early Greek and Roman times, with evidence that there may have been even earlier examples than this.

It’s clear that children (and adults!) have been enjoying wooden toy castles and the interactive, educational play they give, for many, many centuries!

Keep an eye on our blog and supplier pages, where we will give information on the best wooden toy castle suppliers and manufacturers, offering great deals on these fantastic imaginative play toys for your child.

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