Wooden Toy Castle Manufacturers

Here’s a list of some great wooden toy castle manufacturers. We’re not affiliated with any of these manufacturers, but know that the toys they create are of good quality and look just great!

Teamson Design Corp. is a toy design house based in New York, USA and have been trading since 1997. Their wooden toy castles are beautifully designed and crafted with attention to detail and top quality materials used.

Le Toy Van offer a great range of wooden toy castles as well as a fabulous range of accessories such as siege towers, prisoner cages and of course play figures. The castles and accessories are both bright and fun for children of all ages.

Papo offer some great accessories for castle play including things like trebuchet (for knocking down those castle walls!) and play figures as well as of course well made and sturdy toy castles.

Pintoy offer some fabulously detailed wooden toy castles which look just great. naturally coloured and fabulously detailed, these higher end wooden toy castles are great to look at and great to play with!

Check out the suppliers of these wooden toy castles and accessories on our wooden toy castle suppliers page and get playing today!

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