Intelligent Retailing at the Aqua show, Telford

We were at the Aqua show in Telford, Shropshire last year. We keep a number of snakes (mainly rainbow boas) so thought we would have a trawl up to the show as it gives us a good chance to see what’s going on in the industry, what’s available and easily find suppliers for the various pieces of equipment we need.

Whilst there, we obviously had a good look around and sat down for a few of the seminars… very interesting they were too! We especially liked the ‘ins and outs’ of reptile retailing by Chris Newman and the presentations by Intelligent Retail on eCommerce search engine optimisation and creating a good website – as retailers ourselves this was a great help.

The good thing is we found a load of inspiration for our own vivarium and plan to create an in-wall housing for our little slithery pets… I can’t think this will add to the value of our home, but as we don’t plan to move for many years we can always brick this up again if we do!

We’ll definitely go back when the show is next on in 2013 – it’s been our best source of information for our hobby!

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